How to move multiple tasks in Google tasks window (workaround)


because of its simplicity and easy to use both mobile and desktop version, I am using Google tasks for my TODO lists. I use it also to remember information all sorts of information, like addresses that I am due to visit or scheduled but connections. This is because I can easily write it down on my computer and later on the way recover the information on my smartphone.

What I am missing is bulk move of multiple tasks to another lists. Though the feature is not there, you can use this workaround:

  1. Create a temporary task (called for example “To move”) in the task list where are your tasks you want to move
  2. Drag and drop first task just under this new task and hit <Tab> key (it will indent this task to be child of the task above)
  3. Drag and drop all other tasks you want to move under “To move” task – they will be indented automatically, unlike the task in previous step.
  4. Edit details of “To move” task (by clicking right arrow icon next to task title) and move task to another list by choosing it from combo box “Move to list” –  the task moves to new task list with all its children
  5. Go to the new list where tasks moved, unindent all moved tasks and delete “To move” task

Hopefully, the feature will be added to GTasks soon by google, hope this easies your life a bit until it is there.

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