How to fast attach and detach hand cart to bicycle

Bicycle with handcart attached 1How to fast attach and detach hand cart to bicycle

My friends are usually asking me: ??How are you doing the big shopping without a car?? This article brings the answer. It will show you a simple and cheap way, how to attach hand cart behind a bicycle, so that you can carry medium sized items or big shopping using bicycle. It takes less than 1 minute to attach or detach it (this is handy as you can easily walk with the cart straight to the shop).

What you will need:Bicycle with handcart attached 2

  • Piece of nylon rope (1m)
  • Piece of nylon string (50cm)
  • Two snap hooks
  • Two metal rings
  • Rear bicycle carrier

If you already have a carrier, I am sure this will cost you less than 10 ?? in a reasonable hardware shop.

Properties of such connection

This mean of connecting hand cart and bicycle proved to be very stable at high speeds and can carry heavy loads. It is capable also of sharp turns and you can reverse with it while walking.

However, if your load is high above the terrain and you do not have everything balanced and well centered, cart may tend to start leaning right and left (riding on one wheel at a time).


Hand cart behind bicycle attachment schema


  1. Metal ring
  2.  Snap hook
  3. Hand cart handle
  4. Nylon rope
  5. Wooden smooth stick
  6. Snap hook
  7. Metal ring
  8. Rear bike carier

Step 1 ?? attaching the cart

  1. Attach metal ring (1.) to the bicycle seat from bottom with nylon string.
  2. Tie snap hook (2.) to the exact middle of the hand cart handle (3.) so that it hangs from it but is approx. 5 cm appart from it.
    Tie the nots firmly ?? snap hook must not be able to move sideways on the handle. Use for it end of your 1m nylon rope (4.) and do not cut the remaining part.
  3. Attach first snap hook (2.) to the first metal ring under the seat (1.) ?? now you can pull the bike and whole cart will be pulled.

Step 2 – securing the cart against pushing the bike while breaking

What you need to do now is to attach second snap hook and tie it to the end of carrier, so that hand cart stays in position if you break. If you skip this, cart is hitting your seat pipe from back.

  1. Attach second metal ring (7.) on the top of rear bicycle carrier (to the middle) ?? as far from the first ring (1.) as possible.
  2. Measure the distance on the remaining part of nylon rope (4.) to find out where to tie the second snap hook (6.), so that it can be easily attached to the second metal ring (7.).
  3. Attach there the second snap hook (6.) and knot the remaining part of rope back to the middle of the cart handle. Now two pieces of rope are connected between handle (3.) and second snap hook (6.).
  4. Put the wood stick (5.) between these two pieces of rope and rotate several times. This will secure the handcart in position. When ropes are tight enough, push the stick a bit to one side, so that it is secured against the carrier.

Please let me know if you use this schema for your bike in the comments. I will also appretiate any suggestions for improvements or links to some other attachment options. Possibly, could you know some smarter way of securing the cart better than with wooden stick (step 2 – 4.) ?

Where to get other bike trailer designs

Check page Community Bike Cart Design – links. It lists a lot of other both commercial and DIY (Do It Yourself) solutions how to carry load using bicycle and cart or trailer.

The page itself is about great project, helping people in Africa to be independent on cars and oil and use cheap self made bicycle trailers in day to day community work and life.

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