Social & Healthcare
World of Art offers a whole universe for
utilizing the motion capture to interact with people. 3D camera can be used as input device of motion capture.
Immobile person detection
These systems can observe some spaces where elderly people live with 3D motion scanner. If immobile person is detected laying on the floor, alarm is rised and help can be provided.

Standard PC mouse & keyboard replacement
In operating rooms or biochemical labs, hygiene is crucial. However computers are usually common equipment. It is difficult to use standard device like computer mouse or keyboard, as it is nearly impossible to clean properly. This is where TouchTouble can be used - it operates nearly over flat surface including but not limited to office desks. This surface can be easily cleaned after used.
Please check TouchTable project homepage.

Elderly & disabled aids can assist people with limited fingers' movement to control computer just with single finger instead of mouse or with their whole fist.
Please check video of a 3D keyboard project on the left.

Recovery training guide
People who had an accident or who just want to stay fit perform regular excercises on daily base.

3D motion capture can monitor them during it. Immediate feedback can be provided to them so that they know if they are doing it right. Some motivation games can be created to make the excercising more entertaining.
3DKeyboard is an application using Microsoft Kinect, that enables you to type text with moving one of your hands in the air. It's purpose is to minimize need of a real keyboard in situations, when you want to control computer in a touchless manner. More information is available on