Multitouch & multiplayer gaming
World of Art offers a whole universe for
utilizing the motion capture to interact with people. 3D camera can be used as input device of motion capture.
Educational games for small children
Our TouchTable system is intuitive enough even for small children from early age, so educational games that develop their skills can be created. When depth camera is accompanied with projector, game screen can be projected to the desk and controlled by players' fingertips.

Tracking physical items in desk games

Real objects can be traced in desk games like chess so that player no longer needs to stare to the computer screen while thinking his next move. Computer analyses the board and detects what was the human player's move.

If opponent is human, move is sent to him and next move is retrieved from him using Internet connection.

Opponent's move is than both displayed on the screen and spoken aload, so that player can adjust his physical board. If virtual and physical boards are inconsistent, user is notified both visually on the screen and also by playing different music scheme.
Educational games for small children - pexeso
This video shows a simple way how a small child that cannot handle a mouse yet can control some simple game just with its finger (however the hand on the video is my own, not the child's one).
TouchTable created by 3Dolphins vision was used to control this simple game.
Accessible chess software for blind with audible feedback and physical chessboard interface This video shows prototype of KinectChess application with audible feedback of opponent's moves. Over 270 million online chess players use mouse & keyboard as an interface, more than 1 million of them are blind. KinectChess brings new way of playing chess using computer - with real chessboard and chess pieces to play game against PC or online opponent. There is no need to use keyboard, mouse or stare to computer screen while thinking about next move. Program is using TouchTable library for basic Kinect processing.