Manufacturing & Quality control
World of Art offers a whole universe for
utilizing the motion capture to interact with people. 3D camera can be used as input device of motion capture.
3D & visual detection of product defects
At the and of production line quality checks must be performed. Human worker can be replaced by automated system. 3D camera together with normal light camera is checking shape and color of the product and detects possible deffects. Operator than can remove the product. So if QA checks are done by robot, you can save money on human resources.

Better interface for Computer Aided Design SW
Using your hands instead of mouse in 3D modelling environment can increase productivity of your work. 3D depth camera can trace you manipulating 3D scene and transfer the commands to the CAD software through special CAD plugin.
In this video TouchTable Sketchup plugin created by 3DolphinsVision is presented. Index finger is used to rotate a scene by moving around the center of the desk. Rotate and zoom is achieved by multitouch - by using both left and right index fingers' motion. Zooming is controled by distance of fingers while draging them on the desk surface. Normal left mouse click operation is possible if "thumb flag" is off (thumb is not extended).