3D Computer Vision in Exhibition & Art
World of Art offers a whole universe for
utilizing the motion capture to interact with people. 3D camera can be used as input device of motion capture.
Interaction with People around
Depth camera can be used to detect people approaching the installation, activate computer screen and attract their attention.

Control Puppet & Cartoon Characters
Human body or human hand can be traced using techniques of motion capture. This data can be used to animate virtual puppets, avatars or cartoon characters e.g. for movie creation.

Vandal-proof Info Kiosks
Our TouchTable system can be used in info kiosks instead of mouse as vandal-proof input device at public places and exhibitions. User is moving her finger across regular desk and movement is traced by depth camera. Another use of TouchTable is as a virtual painting brush controlled by an artist.
In this video a Firefox plugin with FireGestures integration, created by 3DolphinsVision is presented. Index finger is used to perform gestures to go back, forward, open or close new tab. It thumb is extended, finger can open links like by using left mouse click. If user is reading the page, whole hand can rest on the table which minimizes the strain in the finger muscles. Double click mouse operation is possible if "thumb up flag" is on (thumb is extended and lifted from table).